The QNX4 file-system in Linux

The QNX4 file-system option in Linux allows you to mount QNX4/QNX6-formatted floppies and hard-disk partitions on your Linux box and access the files as if they were on your native file-system.

It was originally written by Richard A. Frow├┐n and Frank Denis, who - due to lack of time - passed the maintainership on to me in december 1999.

I fixed the last severe bugs in Kernels 2.2.15 and 2.3.35; previous versions were quite buggy and did not support fragmented files at all.

Starting with Kernel 2.4.19 it is possible to mount partitions created with QNX version 6.1 and above.

A bug that got exposed by subtle changes to the Virtual File System can cause a complete system hang when using the QNX4 file-system in Kernel 2.4.8 and 2.4.9 - the solution is to comment out line 399 of fs/qnx4/inode.c (the problem was fixed in Kernel 2.4.10)

There's an alternative implementation which supports writing to the QNX partition at, but I don't use it myself and cannot guarantee that it will work for you.